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We provide creative mechanical solutions for supermarket, grocery and C-store customers. Q4 understands the competitive, operational, and environmental challenges you face. We offer products and services specifically designed to meet your needs.

US FlagOur innovative DryComfort unit, built and designed in the US, resolves humidity and condensation issues. View the video to see how it works.

About Q4 Energy Solutions

Whether you are a decision-maker in design, construction, operations, or retrofitting of stores, we can help you achieve your goals for profitability, productivity and peace of mind. Many leading grocery and supermarket chains rely on Q4 Energy Solutions. Please consider us as your partner for success in HVAC, controls, and refrigeration.

The conventional approach is to design and procure mechanical systems as standalone elements. Unfortunately, this masks the interrelationship of these systems, leading to all too common issues such as shopper discomfort, high humidity, unwanted condensation, and energy waste. Supermarket pros know that it is nearly impossible to get comfort and dehumidification right if refrigeration cases are not working in harmony with HVAC and controls. Q4 challenges the silo approach with a comprehensive perspective on systems, which cuts through complexity. We deliver value through solutions like our unique DryComfort unit.



The DryComfort supermarket dehumidification unit ends discomfort in the cold aisle, relieves excessive icing in refrigerated cases and controls condensation in other areas. Cost effective and easy to install, DryComfort compliments the entire mechanical system.

Heating Ventialation Air Conditioning

Q4 Energy Solutions can provide a total HVAC and ventilation solution, using quality components from trusted partners. Whether we design, install, commission a new system, or analyze the performance of an existing one, you can be confident it is optimized for performance plus energy efficiency.


Like the conductor of an orchestra, controls are key to intelligently coordinating the various mechanical systems in a modern supermarket. Based on our experience in these spaces, Q4 brings the hardware, software, and "human-ware" to break down the silos of the mechanical sub-systems and their vendors. Our straightforward yet creative approach reduces unnecessary complexity and brings all the elements into a harmonious whole.


Cold Wave refrigeration and controls solutions integrate display cases, racks, condensers, and piping into a unified system that is properly controlled to showcase frozen and perishable goods to shoppers while protecting your valuable inventory.


From the rooftop to the center store to checkout, Q4 uniquely understands supermarket operations and the systems that support them. Our comprehensive perspective guides us on every project, whether big or small. Together we can create an environment for success.

We take a unique comprehensive approach to the various systems in supermarkets. Only when HVAC, refrigeration, controls and other systems are working together, can a store achieve the proper temperatures and humidity for shopper comfort.





With Q4, system design always starts with the thorough understanding of the clients' needs and an objective analysis and inventory of what's currently in place. Only then do we use our industry experience to tailor a creative yet simple solution to your set of needs.



Our Cold Wave refrigeration solution offering begins with installing the systems to display and protect perishable inventory. It extends to controls and other systems, and can even encompass remote monitoring and service dispatch for round the clock peace of mind.



Even the best system design and equipment will not deliver the intended results if the programming and start-up are flawed. Q4 experts have the real world know-how to check out, troubleshoot and verify the strategies are working as designed in the actual space.



Commissioning verifies installation and set-up. Validation proves performance under real world operating conditions. Beyond what is felt in the store, there is a significant potentional cost benefit through energy savings. It's estimated one dollar in energy saving is equivalent to increasing sales by $60.

NO Cost, No Obligation Analysis

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